Kasan Belgrave- saxophone
Jordan Anderson- piano
Jonathon Muir-Cotton-bass
Michael J. Reed- drums.

What to expect: Enjoy original compositions tapping into the origins of Black American Culture.

Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson is an exceptional pianist from Minneapolis, MN. Anderson’s musicality, dynamic range, outstanding swing feel, and commitment to jazz history has distinguished him as an irresistibly good musician. A true MSP jazz product, Anderson was trained at Walker West and various iterations of the Dakota Combo. He is now a Jazz Studies major at University of Michigan, currently studying with Andy Milne. Anderson has studied with Benny Green, Peter Schimke, and Richard Johnson. Anderson has performed with Anthony Cox, Adam Linz, Billy Peterson, Jay Epstein, Irv Williams, Robert Hurst, Justin Robinson, Andrew Bishop, and Adam Larson, to name a few. Many audience members have reportedly been caught leaving a Jordan Anderson performance muttering to themselves “That dude can play…”

Jonathon Muir-Cotton
Jonathon S. Muir-Cotton is an award winning, young, up and coming double bassist/bassist and composer, trained in both the jazz and classical traditions. Jonathon plays many genres of music including jazz, funk, gospel, blues, R&B and neo-soul. Under the mentorship of great Detroit bassists like Marion Hayden, Robert Hurst, Rodney Whitaker, Rick Robinson and Ralphe Armstrong, Jonathon is working towards a making his own mark in the music world. He is also the bassist of the dynamically talented KDJ Trio, a bandleader for his own band Expressions, a creative collaborator with many musical artists, and a Jazz Studies major in the College of Fine, Performing & Communication Arts at Wayne State University. For more information about Jonathon, visit him at

Michael J. Reed
Michael J. Reed is a jazz drummer currently based in East Lansing, Mi. Michael maintains an active performing career throughout the Midwest, performing throughout Northwest Ohio and Detroit with artists such as Rodney Whitaker, Ramona Collins, Gene and Ray Parker, Steve Davis, Mark Whitfield, Melissa Aldana, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Sachal Vasandani, Damion Sneed, Karen Clark Sheard, the MSU Bebop Spartans all over Michigan and Japan, and The Dr. Phillips Center Jazz Orchestra in Orlando, Fl. He also lead his own group, Reedify Trio, which has performed at Cliff Bell’s, the Ohio Theatre, the Toledo Museum of Art and the former Degage Jazz Café. Michael released his first album as a bandleader and composer, entitled A Walk of Perspective, in 2018 and has recorded with other artists such as Chloe and the Steel Strings, and the Gazebo. He is also the drummer of the Gathering Orchestra, under the leadership of bassist, Rodney Whitaker.

Jordan Anderson’s Soulful Tomorrow will be playing at 5.30pm on September 20 (Day 2 of the A2 Jazz Fest)