The A2 JAZZ FEST mission is to showcase and promote jazz by presenting live performances of original compositions and jazz standards by Michigan-based artists. Founded by Ann Arbor bassist, composer, and band leader Dave Sharp, and supported by a devoted group of volunteers, musicians, educators, and sponsors, the A2 JAZZ FEST welcomes you to experience the fine art of jazz. This festival provides free education and entertainment to attendees, hosting live shows, master-class workshops, and community events that highlight the importance of jazz within the Ann Arbor arts scene.

Dave Sharp, founder of the A2 Jazz Fest, at the 2nd Annual A2 Jazz Fest. (The A2 JAZZ FEST is a project of Dave Sharp Enterprises LLC)

In its first year, the A2 Jazz Fest received massive amounts of support from musicians and community members. After success in 2016, founder, Dave Sharp made a goal to keep the A2 Jazz Fest as a continuing music festival that expands, improves, and evolves into the future. Although the A2 Jazz Fest was impacted heavily by COVID-19 throughout the past three years, as of 2023 the annual festival has returned to the public sphere. Like many other festivals, entertainment organizations, and social event spaces, the A2 Jazz Fest team is overjoyed to continue its work toward community impact.